Monday, March 9, 2009

Tulipunane õieke / The Red Hot Bloom

Punane pitskoes müts valmis Katsile:)
Kootud samal põhimõttel, mis minu tõrumüts, tõrude asemel seekord auguline kude. Mütsi juurde on Katsi jaoks vardal ka õlasall, kus pikin sisse sedasama augulist rütmi.
Lõng on Indiecita 100% alpaka villane, pärit Veimevakast. Kudusin 2 otsa ühes nr 4 vardaga.

Pilti tegi Loore, poseerin taaskord ise.
Krentu oma blogis tegi just algust ja teen minagi siinkohal proovi - ma küll ei oska oma kudumite juurde paljut sõnaga lisada, kuid proovin siinkohal selle vähesegi, mis öeldud, paralleelselt inglise keelde panna.

So, Im taking the courage to blog about my knitting-work also in english, like Krentu just did. There isnt much I usually manage to say next to my photos, and my english is rather poor, but still.

This hot red hat is right about hitting the road for Kats.
Its knitted in the base of my acorn hat, I've just knitted the lace-pattern instead of the "acorns". I'm about knitting also the shawl to go with the hat, where I'm knitting in the same lace-stich.
Yarn is Indiecita 100% alpaca fleece. For this hat I've used it 2 ends together, needles no 4.

Photographed by my daughter Loore, "modeling" myself.

Tänud läbi astumast!
Thank you for hitting my blog!


Kate said...

Thanks so much for posting in English - I love looking at your projects - now I can read about them too .

Yllep said...

Väga armas müts ja tabav nimi ilusale punasele mütsile!

Inga said...

Thank you, Kate!

tänud, Ülle:)

Anonymous said...

Such a nice hat and what a pleasant surprise that I can read your blog! Thank you Inga, it made your blog even more joy to visit! Marijgje

Inga said...

thank you for your kind words, Marijgje!

Anonymous said...

Nice that you blog in english. Waiting to read some more!

Your work is beautiful and i've been enjoying to see them, and now it's great to read about them too.

Jaana from Finland

Inga said...

thank you so much, Jaana! My needles are working almost nonstop, so there will be more soon for sure:)

Suvi-Eerika ja Molla-Maaria said...

I also want to thank you, Inga, for posting some in English! I've been visiting your blog for a while now and I absolutely think your creations are just f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s:D

Inga said...

thank you so much, Suvi-Eerika!

Julie said...

Thanks for posting in English, I am a regular "reader" and admire your projects very much.

Inga said...

thanks a million, Julie!

Manna said...

I have enjoyed your pictures and beautiful works and now I can really read this blog, jei! :)

Anonymous said...